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WINGS adds to web site

vendredi 26 juillet 2002, par Josefina Gamboa

Women’s international radio news service makes archives more accessible.

Since 1986, WINGS : Women’s International News Gathering Service has produced and distributed more than 750 English-language radio programs featuring voices of women from around the world.

On March 8, the International Women’s Day Multimedia Festival of Austin, Texas premiered a new web site that hosts women’s audio productions from their community. As WINGS has been in Austin since 1993, the site includes several of the annual "Women’s News Roundups" produced by WINGS. Each of these productions gives highlights of women’s news from one calendar year. The programs also announce that year’s winner of the Katherine Davenport Award for Women’s News. The audio of these programs can be heard through the web site

WINGS’ own web site has also gotten two additions to help researchers find audio they may want to hear. A search engine has been added to the site, courtesy of And also Mlle. Jacqueline Carton, a senior student at The University of Texas, has been donating her time this summer to create a subject catalog. The first subject list completed for the catalog is "Women and Peace."

WINGS is continuing to release a half-hour radio program in English each week. In May of 2002, they began offering programs on CD. Both the archives and information about radio station access to the programs can be found on the web site


This article was written by WINGS producer Frieda Werden, as an exercise during a Les Penelopes-led workshop at the KnowHow conference in Kampala, Uganda.

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