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Sustainable development - the EU is not delivering on its commitments

vendredi 31 mai 2002, par Malin Björk

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) strongly criticises the European Union and the Member States in their contribution to the European Summit in Barcelona in March 2002. Although some key commitments were made through the adoption of a European strategy for sustainable development in Göteborg (June 2001), the main message is that the EU is not delivering. The Spring Summit in Barcelona was the first occasion for the EU-level sustainable development policies to be incorporated as a pillar of EU policy-making together with economic policies, employment polices, and social policies. The most springing critique refers to the obvious unbalance between EU policy domains, where all other areas, including sustainable development, are subordinated liberal economic policy making doctrines. Another main point of critique concerns the lack of implementation strategies, and especially the fact that the commitment to Sustainable Impact Assessments (SIA) have not been followed through. The EEB also calls for a reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, which would prioritise support to sustainable agriculture, ensure the livelihood of small scale farmers, and secure biodiversity.

Source : EEB position paper, "Sustainable development : Making it happen - A crucial role for the European Union", March 2002 For more information :

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