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Belgrade, 4th April 2002

Against all wars ! against the occupation of Palestine !

, par Joëlle Palmieri

Women in Black – Belgrade Center for Cultural Decontamination – Belgrade

While we commemorate the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, demanding that responsibility for the crimes committed in that war be individualized, another equally ferocious war is raging at the other end of the Mediterranean. Under the pretext of anti-terrorist struggle, the Israeli army has launched large-scale military operations in the occupied Palestinian territories, in which civilians are the fist victims.

In solidarity with our sisters, Women in Black from Israel and Palestine, who condemn Israeli occupation and terror against the civilian population of Palestine, but at the same time reject and denounce armed violence, including violence which is being justified as a struggle for the liberation of the Palestinian people, we demand that all belligerent acts be stopped and that Israeli armed forces be withdrawn from the occupied territories.

In this way, we join the International Network of Women against War, who will express their public protest against war and violence in the streets of London, Rome, Madrid and dozens of other cities, on Saturday, 6th April 2002, under the common slogan Let us globalize peace and non-violence !

We will express public support to our sisters from Israel and Palestine and our solidarity with the victims of armed conflicts in all war-affected areas, simultaneously with the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 6th April 2002, on Republic Square in Belgrade, beginning at 12 p. m.

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