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Escalation of violence against girls’ schools in Afghanistan

samedi 30 novembre 2002, par Manue

Four girls’ schools in Afghanistan were attacked this weekend, two were hit by rockets and two were set on fire. These incidents mark an escalation of violence against girls’ schools in Afghanistan. At least eight other girls’ schools have been attacked over the last two months, with the most recent explosion at a school in Kandahar injuring a teacher. Hand-written pamphlets were distributed in Kandahar, the former Taliban stronghold, warning of violence to come if women took on jobs or attended school. Despite the continued violence in Afghanistan, the US State Department last month issued a report questioning the expansion of peacekeeping troops outside of Kabul. Afghan women have indicated that security is their top priority. Threats to Loya Jirga delegates who have spoken out for human rights, including Minister of Women’s Affairs Dr. Sima Samar ; the assassination of two government ministers ; violence against women in the Northern provinces ; violence against humanitarian aid workers ; and the continued use of tactics of intimidation against the return of girls to school show the need for expansion of peace keeping forces both within and beyond Kabul is desperate.

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