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The power of partnership

jeudi 31 octobre 2002, par Josefina Gamboa

Riane Eisler contrasts the partnership model, a respectful and loving way of leading personal relationships, with the traditional dominator model, one of fear, violence, and misery in The Power of Partnership : seven relationships that will change your life.
This step-by-step approach to personal development demonstrates that in the seven principle relationships in our lives (our relationship with ourselves, intimate relationships, work and community relationships, relationships with our national and international communities, as well as our relations with nature and spirit) the partnership model can inspire us to move forward to a better way of living. A book that calls for social and personal change, it encourages individuals to abandon the dominator model way of life for that of a partnership model.

New World Library, 14 Pamaron Way, Novato, California 94949

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