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Marche pour la justice le 13 septembre

jeudi 5 septembre 2002, par Dominique Foufelle

Le 13 septembre, NOW [1] et d’autres organisations, appellent à une Marche sur le Ministère de la Justice. Ils dénoncent l’exploitation du 11 septembre pour imposer une politique de discriminations et de violation des droits et des libertés.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) is joining the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition’s "March to Justice" campaign to demand protection of civil liberties and rights, and to continue opposition to the Bush and Ashcroft attempts to undermine the laws and the Constitution of this country. Activists from all backgrounds will march to the Department of Justice on September 13 with the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, NOW and a broad coalition of organizations to make these demands heard.
George W. Bush has shown that "his" government — as he likes to refer to it — is for the benefit of the wealthy few. Bush’s economic policies have wreaked havoc on the country, with daily announcements of massive lay-offs and the unemployment rate reaching its highest levels in over six years. As a result, millions of families — and disproportionately those headed by women and people of color — face severe economic hardship. Yet their plight is ignored while the Bush administration continues on its path to undermine our rights and civil liberties, most of which is left unreported.
In the wake of September 11, George W. Bush and John Ashcroft found a way to exploit a tragedy as an excuse for policies that trample the civil liberties which are the cornerstone of democratic society. Since September 11, as a daily occurrence in this administration, we see the further erosion of our individual freedoms and more controlled messages and factual distortions coming from the White House. We see the dismantling of safety net programs vital to the survival of women and people of color. And we see the influence of corrupt, corporate money finding its way through all the branches of government and driving an ultra-conservative agenda.
Upholding civil liberties and true democracy is essential. The rights of all individuals to equal protection, freedom from discrimination, harassment and violence, to due process and a fair judicial system are non-negotiable. We call on all people of conscience to join NOW and a wide coalition of civil rights organizations on September 13 to tell Bush, Ashcroft and their ilk that we will not allow them to destroy or erode our rights.


[1] National Organisation for Women, fondée en 1966, avec Betty Friedan comme première présidente. Elle compte des millions de membres. Online :, avec des infos sur les politiques intérieure et extérieure de Bush, et des appels à l’action.

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